Haha ska till Norrland och åka skidor under helgen, och datan stannar hemma:P


Haha den e sååå AWESOME XDXD

Big Pang Xing As 8D

Haha min skola börjar kl 10 och jag åker hemifrån kl 8, asså fy vad tidigt :/
Men jag fick träffa BELLA❤~ på tåget:D
Och vi ska starta ett tjej band xD Och mr.G ska klä ut sig till tjej xD
Vi ska heta : *pekar på rubriken* :P haha xD

WHOAAA:O Asså  park hyo shin e sååååå fuuuul nu:O
jag menar från dethär:



シド - WHAT's IN コメント 2010.02.19.wmv

En danscover på Rainism:P It's quite AWESOME!!!

def dance sun(bigbang) wedding dress 태양 웨딩드레스


I was fascinated by the uninteresting reality~

Har håltimme, så jag tänkte kolla på en ny anime:D
Hetalia-Axis Powers,, haha den e jätteflummig och rolig xD (lite yaoi i den)
Håller på att ladda ner ett pokemon spel till datan:) de va så längesen man spelade pokemon:P

sen så skriver jag en fantasysaga(svenska uppgift-.-)

men jag tänkte göra den lite roligare,, så jag har alla mina fav jrockare med:3 mvahaha.. och lite mer xD men iaf.. REITA e hjälten med seme-chan... sen e GACKT en drake xD MIYAVI är en bro och KAI är ett berg...

RUKI är ett lochness odjur xDxD


jag kommer LUNGT få typ... G(?):P haha




och gissa vad/vem jag skrev om?:3

haha jag skrev en oneshoot fanfic om Reita:3 mvahahaha



A Parents Guide To J-rock

Gahaha den e sååå AWESOME xD

Part 1

1.] Don't worry; your kid probably isn't gay, even though the pics hanging next to their bed look like girls.

2.] Don't get your kid an English CD for their birthday or any other gift giving holiday, they probably won't like it.

3.] When they show you a pic of their favorite singer, don't instantly assume that it's a girl, since it probably isn't.

4.] If you walk into the room while they are on the computer and they minimize the window instantly, don't be offended, it's probably for your own protection.

5.] Don't be surprised if their total clothing and make-up style changes

6.] If they start speaking a language that is almost English, but not quite, don't worry. It’s called "Engrish". You'll get used to it.

7.] Don't insult their favorite J-Rockers.

8.] When they start talking about Lucifer, they aren't worshiping Satan.

9.] Buy more ink jet cartridges for the printer, the more pics the fan has the happier they will be.

10.] Don't be surprised when you can no longer talk to your child about anything except Japan/Japanese rockers.

11.] Be prepared to learn more than you ever had, about something you never wanted to know about.

12.] A man in a dress is sexy, no matter what you say, nothing can change that.

13.] Don't correct them when they spell the name "hide" with a lower case h, that's how it's done.

14.] When they collect scrap fabrics to make plushies, don't worry, they aren't practicing voodoo.

15.] It doesn't matter that they don't know what the singers are saying, don't bother arguing about it.

16.]  J-Rock isn't a phase and they won't grow out of it       
A Parents Guide To J-Rock part 2

1] If your daughter has pictures of Mana or Shinya plastered all over her wall, she's not a lesbian; those are men.

2] If your child gets hyper every time the mailman comes, but turns around to sulk moments later, don't worry your child is not bipolar. Their CDs haven't come yet.

3] If you hear phrases such as "I love Heroin" or "Damn, Discharge is hot", they are not druggies or psychotic. Those are titles of songs.

4] If your child says "Hey Jesus" over and over again, they're singing The GazettE.

5] If your child starts fanning herself at the end of Vidoll's Heroin, don't ask. I SAID DON'T ASK.

6] If your child plans an entire birthday party for their favorite J-Rocker, put the party hat on, eat the damn cake, and listen as she goes on and on about the birthday boy. It may mean the difference between life and death.

7] If you hear a lot of screaming, growling, high-pitched squeals and general strangeness, it's not a sign of a mental disorder. That's Dir en grey Karaoke. 

8] Don't be alarmed when your daughter starts talking about how she wishes she can wear booty shorts with the knee skirts just like Uruha.

9] Don’t ask why Myv always changes his style...its something they don't even know.

10] If your child cracks up when they hear "Viking Helmet" don't ask, you would not understand.

11] Never read over your child's shoulder...it may cause mental scarring.

12] If they start adding myv to a lot of words or say things like Cuxy, Meevil, or Spazicity. Don't word they just have the Miyavictionary! Memorized.

13] don't ask when your child makes a shirt that says Kuri Fan Club or Hikari Fan Club and giggles like mad, yet again something you just won't get

14] don't get mad when your child stays up late listening to some psycho named Roger on the computer, Tainted Reality will eventually grow up.

15] Don't freak out when you see them writing what appears to be Satanic messages in chicken scratch on their homework or scrap pieces of paper. They're called hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

16] A gift card for your local post office will be much appreciated, especially if your child is seen collecting random things like glow sticks, Trident, and a trucker cap when they've never expressed an interest in these things before.

17] For your own safety, DO NOT go through the links in your browser's history. This may cause mental scarring.

18] Once again, don't assume your child is involved in some kind of cult when they start making Xs with their arms at the computer screen or when listening to a CD. Get used to this, especially in the spring of 2008.

19] No, Hyde is not a character from a book.

20] When they start giggling uncontrollably when you offer them vanilla ice cream, don't ask. You really don't want to know.

21] Just be comforting and sympathetic when the child starts crying while reading a sentence with ‘hide’ in it.

22] No, 382 and MYV are not gang symbols. Don't call the police just yet.

23] If twice a year, and only twice a year, your child who usually wears darker colors runs around wearing bright pink, do not panic; they're remembering beloved hide.

24] If your child has suddenly taken a great interest in writing outside of school, do not under any circumstances ask to read what they've written. Your eyes and brain will thank you.

A Parents Guide To J-rock Part 3

1] Don't ever ever ever mock the Japanese language, especially if you don't even know what spoken Japanese sounds like. Hint: "hing wong wu bong" isn't it. 

2] Parents.... expect your child to ask for a regions free DVD player, and provide one quickly...... they are slowly dying on the inside without one.

3] If your child holds random dates sacred and randomly bakes cakes or does odd things like fireworks don't worry, it’s just their favorite’s birthday/hide or Kami’s death anniversary

4] If your child says that the music is mild or soft rock, do NOT question them, no matter how ‘loud’ it may seem to you.   F YEAH !!!!

5] If your child screams the word "fan service" and becomes overwhelmed with uncontrollable giggling, DO NOT LOOK at what they were watching. You may be scarred for life.

6] If your child starts to wear a scarf/bandana/or any other piece of fabric around their nose all the time, don't be alarmed. They have not joined some sort of terrorist group; they just idolize a certain bassist.

7] If you suddenly walk in on them doing strange dances in the middle of their room, do not be alarmed. They've most likely been watching Gackt, Gazette or Psycho Le Cemu

8] If you ever say the words "pistachio", and/or "vanilla" and they burst into laughter, do not ask… It’s for your own safety.

9] If they've ever been singing so loud you have to go in their room, ask what they are singing, and ask them what it's about and they go "Uh, uhmm...yeah...ummm....uhhh....a funnny....uhmm....song?....by....uhhh....Gackt.... yeah....errrr" walk out before they tell you.

10] If they suddenly become a ball of laughter upon seeing a stuffed swan/goose- please don't ask- you WILL be scarred for life.

11] If you find your children wanting to get a white sweater like a man named 'Gara' and they say "It looked good on him!! WHY CAN'T I GET ONE?!" even though they always dress in black and/or will probably spill something on it, just get it! They may go into a severe state of depression if they don’t get it

12] Do not question them when they say the 20th of November is New Years. They will glare at you till you DIE

13] If your child creates an addiction for lollipop, just give them all the lollipops they want. You can blame someone call 'Maya' if you want to, but, please, GIVE THEM the lollipops.

14] If your child seems to be having sudden random seizures, before taking them to a doctor, make sure they are not just imitating Gackt's dancing.

15] do not insult Gackt’s dancing that’s the way he choreographed it and your child loves it

16] If they can't stop giggling when they see Mana...do not as them why SHE is so funny
it will cause them to lose the ability to breath

18] Don't confuse hide and HYDE or the same fate will befallen you.

19] Plushies are not stuffed animals and must be treated with respect. Also, there is no such thing as "Too many plushies."

20] Never question your child's love of men wearing strips of cloth over their noses. Bodily harm will result.

21] When your girl goes to the men's fragrance counter asking for a sample of Platinum Egoiste, she's not getting it for a boyfriend, she just wants to sample Eau du Gackt [or have her Gackt plushie smell like- well- Gackt].

22] There are to be NO interruptions during Moonchild, Oresama, or any J-Rock concert DVD or PV- the trash can wait- trust me, your life may depend on it.

23] If your child spends more time working on fan fics than actual schoolwork, be glad they are expressing their creativity.

24] THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JROCK ANONYMOUS! J-Rock is for LIFE and the addiction is permanent and thriving- accept it, deal with it, learn to love it!

25] Do not be shocked when they bring home a boyfriend who is just as obsessed
more people than your child are addicts, and they tend to have their own secret community's

26] Articles of clothing will be dubbed with the name of J-Rockers who wear similar items.

27] When in doubt, assume male.

28] Your child now lives, breathes, and eats J-Rock- feed them lots of Kimshi and Soba and cookies and they will be happy!

29] If your child has enough money to go out of town for an extended period of time for "one of their mumbo-jumbo concerts with all the man-girls", DO NOT TRY TO STOP THEM. You will be minus a head if you do. And do not say what I just typed in quotes to them or you will never have children again.

30] If they pass out at the mention of the name "Cindy," don't call 911, just comfort her and NEVER MENTION THAT NAME AGAIN!!

31] If they fangirl over seeing Pocky in the local grocery store, question it not.

32] Don't ever assume any of your child's favorite artists are gay. Yes, they're prettier than you. But that doesn’t make them homosexual. Deal with it.

33] Our music is better than yours. Don't argue.

34] You don't need to remind your child not to ever, ever, ever go out in public dressed like Mana or Miyavi. She already knows that she couldn't look that good in that skirt or wear a hat at such a precarious angle.

35] Rejoice that your child has a social life online; it's better than them getting lost or mugged outside the house.

36] Those aren't hooker shoes; they’re Shinya-boots. ..

memories are calling so farewell, my friend

Humör: Flumm:3
Location: mattelektion
Musik: Big Bang - Lies

shining inheritance e ett ASBRA drama:D:D
kolla på den:D

hahaha se folk som försöker dansa som Rain xD
Rainism live:3

Här kommer lite gazettE fanservice :3 haha *nosebleed* xD

Inköpslista till UPPCON 8D

Circle lenses – gröna, bruna, svarta & gråa

Rosetter – many colors *w*

Löshår – svart, rosa & grönt

Plattång – rosa >w<


Skor ~~

Knästrumpor, strumpbyxor, leggins – många olika färger & mönster

Kjolar, skjortor

Nya glasögon – favooptik

Pärlor, ”lera”


harispray^^, mousse

hairclips – MANY


lösnaglar – nagel design grejer


Uuh… hur ska jag ha råd?:O:P



SCREW Welcomes New Member Comment

She said, she said, she said, "Why don't you just drop dead?

Dom ser så runda ut, och man vill liksom bara klämma på dom :D
mvahahah x3

Yuya Matsushita : Kuroshitsuji Musical

Kuroshitsuji musical song 7 彼方へ (Sebastian and Ciel) credits to michelalu
KuroShitsuji Musical - Backstage credits to ShinigamiCaname

We do it in the dark with smiles on our faces. We don't fight fair~❤

Dagens låt:
I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me~

Uuh.. snart ska jag hålla mitt diarré tal:P haha
fast nu har jag matte:)
Mvahahah bara för att Tina❤ gjorde de:P
haha LoLvideo xD

You are the dreamer, we are the dream~♥

Jahapp... hade inte  förberett mitt diet-tal, så de blev HELT fail xD men men sånt händer väl:P
Men gårdagen♥ va helt lyckad:D först så blev de tårta:D
sen så fick man engelskt godis av pappa:D(bilden)
sen så fick man gele♥n av Go:D
sen så va BMX filmerna lite tråkiga,, så de blev lite kolla-på-när-andra-spelar-WoW-time xD
De va lite tråkigt, men resten av dagen blev bra... hoppas ni alla haft en bra alla ♥ns dag
Bara för att alla andra gör de (emelie och sara): KONDOMSALLAD:D:D:D
dagens fail: "Jag ser ut som en igloo!"

シド sleep comment

snart ska jag på "dejt" me Go:P
Happy valentines day:D<3

SID - Sleep PV [FULL]

GACKT Celebrating Hyde's Birthday

kawaii bild:3
Source MusicJapan+
GACKT, who is recently busy with his new DVD, seems to be in a rush on his blog?! That day, on January 29thm despite the hurting muscels from his training, he went out to celebrate the birthday of L'Arc-en-Ciel's hyde...

[Yesterday, I had been out to celebrate the birthday of HYDE after a long time, and it had been just as long that I had seen his happy face like that...
Since I had been procrastinating to meet him for a long time already, it was a great feeling to see him happy like that.]

GACKT really seems to be happy about the "smiles on a friend's face"!

Moreover, during that birthday event, he also seems to have run into actor Hongo Kanata.

[He really seems to becoming a good man, now that he has just turned 19. He is really an earnest guy, and certainly interesting. Well, next year the two of us should have a drink together. Someone like him is pretty hard to find, theses days. Guys working this heard are rare. I have to work harder myself!!!!!]

It seems GACKT was screaming at himself to give his best!
So we should better expect alot of him, too.

Tralala♫♪♫ FAIL xD

skulle hålla tal idag om min prao i Nicaragua(på engelska) men de behövde jag inte:P
ska hålla de nästa vecka:D
hehe dagens FAIL: klassen hade lite knytis:P och då va Sara lite rolig när jag skulle dricka saft, så jag sprutade saften på henne och Carro xD hehe:P jaa... fick iaf ett gott skratt:D:D:P

SCREW - ANAPHYLAXIS [9th January 2010]

This is a new song from SCREW, the song included in their new CD + DVD tour.


Download Here

Cred: edohsama

english project : write about the japanese valentine xD

Hade en engelska redovisning idag med Yasseh:P om hur dom sööwta japanerna firar alla hjärtans dag:3



The Japanese celebrate St. Valentine's day in a rather unique fashion. Women give the men gifts of chocolate as well as other gifts.

These gifts of chocolate are divided into two types: giri choco (obligatory chocolate) and honmei choco (chocolate for the man the woman is serious about). Giri choco is given by women to their superiors at work as well as to other male co-workers. It is not unusual for a woman to buy 20 to 30 boxes of this type of chocolate for distribution around the office as well as to men that she has regular contact with.


As chocolate is the most popular gift for the occasion, days before the festival department and grocery stores stock themselves with chocolates in large variety to lure customers. It is estimated that more than half the chocolate sold in a year is sold around Valentines Day in Japan.


While all of this may seem quite one-sided, confectioners in Japan - never ones to miss an opportunity to sell more - took advantage of the Japanese feelings of obligation and created "White Day" in 1980 to help assuage the guilt feelings of those poor obligated males who received chocolate on Valentine's Day. On March 14th, exactly one month after Valentine's Day, men who were lucky enough to receive gifts of chocolate have the chance to return the favor by giving the women who gave them gifts of chocolate a more expensive box of chocolate or sweets


från denna blogg : POKE AT OWN RISK <-- klicka:D:D:D


SCREW : New bassist Rui

Thats rui second from the left.


KAWAII stuff I want :3

Hittade VÄRSTA sööwta grejerna, ME WANT:D:D:D
hehe... just got to love that xD
"I'm a girl, and I'm UKE"

Kazuki blog post about Yuto

Kazuki(bilden) blogged about memory with Yuto.

Yuto is SCREW's ex-member...
"When we formed the band, I moved close to Yuto's place.
I took train with Yuto.
After the secret live, he parked his car in front of my place and said let's sleep for 5 min, then we ended up sleeping for 2 hours.

When he's passed out, I took care of him.
When I were passed out, he took care of me.

I fought with him about nothing.
I fought with him about something.
It was only Yuto that I were about to have fist fight.

That's why I were became serious.
I have too much memory to write here.
Though we go different way, let's go forward together."


GazE boys go drinking with SCREW

Heh... orkar inte översätta:D

Source MusicJapan+:
Let's have a look into the manager's blog again!!

The other day, it seems, Uruha and Aoi have been going out with the members of SCREW for a drink.

「Really!! This was the first time to go drinking with SCREW!! So how many bottles of hot sake have been opened? How much beer has been drunk?? I totally don't remember] manager Sakai writes.

However, uncaring toward the intense talk of the band members, the shop owner eventually had turned of the heating inside the bar!
Around this time, without heating, it's really getting cold quickly. Going out for a drink and then catching a cold is really something unneeded. (laughs)

Eitherway, this event has still broadened the exchange of communication among the artists of this same agency.
It is certainly important to talk about this site of the business amongst each other!

My booring week xD

Asså jag har vart sjuk heeela veckan -.-
så då har jag haft en massa tid för att kolla på filmer :D
Jackass The Movie
haha asså värsta nostalgi grejen
Rush Hour 3
pirates of the caribbean - Min FAVORIT TRILOGI:D

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

"the wallflower"
antique bakery

BTW: Lastfm FTW:D ~ min lastfm <-- lägg till mig;D

Mao's lilla gåva :3

Från Mao's blogg:3




översättning[Jag e inte så bra på japanska:P]:
Gåva från ett fans barn.

iDag, höll jag nästan på att köpa det efter jobbet.

Jag kände ödet.

Jag är glad, jag tackar er.

Lycka till.

Gahaha xD Mao e såå Kawaii:3

Gaah... jag fattar inte:S~

Asså de går ju inte att lyssna på någon låt på lastfm :(
Hur gör man?

Snälla kan någon hjälpa mig?:P

Här fåår ni en sööwt bild på en cool människa:3

Reita...the man of the world?! WHAT XD

Orkar inte översätta :P
Source Music Japan+
Sakai san known from the GazettE manager blog.
He checked member's blog since it was Ruki's birthday on February 1st.

And! Surprisingly, Reita posted "Happy birtyday" blog at 0:00 1st!!
Sakai san doubt "Reita kun must have sat the timer!!" instead of be impressed from their love.

Sakai "Hello, I have a question."
Reita "Sure, I am Reita of the world."
Sakai "I have a question, you are posting hapibi blog(= Happy Birthday Blog) again at 0:00."
Reita "Weird, but Coincidence. "
Sakai "Weird, it says that you are setting timer on the front page of Sakasupo (=Parody of Sunspo, Sunkei Sport News paper)!!"
Reita "I'm not setting the timer!! I am Reita!! I am the most punctual man in the world!! That's all."
Sakai "Both blog and mail are 0:00 is weird! Are there two Reita?"
Reita "I am only one!! I want you to teach me if there's timer! F**K!!"
Sakai "I am sorry. You are the coolest man in the world!!"

...Sakai san says "I'm exaggerateing. A little!" What is the truth!?

Do you think there's two Reita exists? (laugh)
Or is he using mobile and PC at the same time with 2 hands!?

Only Reita knows why.

Zy interview with JaME

Orkar inte översätta :P
Source JaME:

the GazettE released the album DIM in July, and embarked on “the GazettE TOUR 09-DIMSCENE-” after that, showing off their overwhelming power in many parts of the country. They even held their tour final in Saitama Super Arena in September, and released their new single BEFORE I DECAY in the beginning of October. We asked them to talk about what they saw in BEFORE I DECAY looking back at their album release and their tour, their one-man live in Tokyo Big Site on December 24th, and their future activities.

Read the mini Zy interview here @ JAME


Mitt hotmail-konto har blivit hackat:O nande kyo ka?

Alla mina kontakter har fått ett mail av "mig", där stod det att jag behöver pengar för jag blev rånad(?) och att pengarna ska skickas till England:O

Sjukt asså...

SID : Sleep New Single for 24 Hour Limited Download!

Så mycket text, orkar inte översätta xD

On March 3rd SID's new single [sleep] will be released, however, before that, on January 31st it had been available for download for a period of no more than 24 hours.

So on the 31st there had been plenty of messages like [Please enjoy the single!] and Mao/s blog had been full of messages directed at Yuuya...

The beginning of it all was Yuuya's blog in the first place, though, when he made curry and posted a picture of it. Mao, who had seen this, posted in his own a comment directed at the other.

[When you have time, how about doing something together?]
[I'm not actually hungry, but if you insist...]
[I'm really picky about curry, so if you want to improve your skills, let me taste it!]

And it went on like that 5 times with Mao "attackting" Yuuya like that.
However, when he eventually noticed Mao's blog entries, some time had already passed...

[I am done with eating curry now...I noticed the blog entries too late...well, see you then! (・ε・)]
It seems that Mao thinking of Yuuya is a little one-sided (laughs)
<-- kawaii~

Omedetou Ruki-sama :3 <3


Påssjuka -.-

Påssjuka är en smittsam sjukdom som ger svullnad och inflammation i bland annat öronspottkörteln. Vaccination är enda sättet att förebygga påssjuka. Enligt smittskyddslagen är påssjuka en "anmälningspliktig sjukdom". Om du misstänker att du eller ditt barn har påssjuka, måste du därför kontakta din vårdcentral för att få en diagnos. Ju äldre du är när du smittas, desto större risk för komplikationer. Det finns ingen specifik behandling mot påssjuka eller dess följdsjukdomar.

Påssjuka är numera en mycket ovanlig sjukdom. Sedan 1982 ingår påssjukevaccin i det allmänna vaccinationsprogrammet i Sverige.

Med stigande ålder vid smittotillfället ökar risken att få komplikationer. De vanligaste är testikelinflammation, bukspottkörtelinflammation eller en oftast lindrig och övergående form av hjärn- eller hjärnhinneinflammation som i sällsynta fall kan ge bestående dövhet.