SID : Intro + Sleep [LIVE] @ CDTV 2010.03.14

[Single] SID - Sleep [3rd March 2010]

01 sleep
02 Utahime
03 Aikagi (Live from SID TOUR 2009 hikari)
Credits: arya92, edohsama

シド sleep comment

snart ska jag på "dejt" me Go:P
Happy valentines day:D<3

SID - Sleep PV [FULL]

Mao's lilla gåva :3

Från Mao's blogg:3




översättning[Jag e inte så bra på japanska:P]:
Gåva från ett fans barn.

iDag, höll jag nästan på att köpa det efter jobbet.

Jag kände ödet.

Jag är glad, jag tackar er.

Lycka till.

Gahaha xD Mao e såå Kawaii:3

SID : Sleep New Single for 24 Hour Limited Download!

Så mycket text, orkar inte översätta xD

On March 3rd SID's new single [sleep] will be released, however, before that, on January 31st it had been available for download for a period of no more than 24 hours.

So on the 31st there had been plenty of messages like [Please enjoy the single!] and Mao/s blog had been full of messages directed at Yuuya...

The beginning of it all was Yuuya's blog in the first place, though, when he made curry and posted a picture of it. Mao, who had seen this, posted in his own a comment directed at the other.

[When you have time, how about doing something together?]
[I'm not actually hungry, but if you insist...]
[I'm really picky about curry, so if you want to improve your skills, let me taste it!]

And it went on like that 5 times with Mao "attackting" Yuuya like that.
However, when he eventually noticed Mao's blog entries, some time had already passed...

[I am done with eating curry now...I noticed the blog entries too late...well, see you then! (・ε・)]
It seems that Mao thinking of Yuuya is a little one-sided (laughs)
<-- kawaii~

SIDシド New Single『sleep』 Preview

「Mao's room」

Mao från bandet Sid har en egen "talkshow/radiogrej" hehe :D

Guest: Arimura Ryuutarou

Guests Aoi and Yumehito

Hehe dom e så söta xD