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【Information】HERESY 03-5300-3158(Mo-Fr 12:00-18:00 (Japanese Standard Time))

【Official Fan Club「HERESY」Membership Information】

People wishing to join the GazettE Official Fan Club, please send a return-envelope including an 80Yen stamp with you real name and address to the following address:


〒168-0064 Tokyo, Suginami-ku,
Eifuku 3-49-11, Maison du Solei 101
PSCOMPANY [HERESY Membership Application]

You will receive an application form to fill out and return.
(Please note that overseas application is possible, yet delivery times may vary.)

Registration fee?

9200 yen which is approximately £63 now in the exchange rate [US $ 101]
This is an annual fee, which means you have to pay every year. Pretty expensive I suppose for us poor folk.

What do you get?
Dude at facebook:
"You get a fan-club only magazines, fan-club only merchandise (wallet, digiphotos, etc), YOU CAN ACCESS RUKI'S AND OTHER MEMBERS BLOG (yes, their blogs is locked for fan-club member only), and if you're staying in japan, you'll get VIP access to the gazette's fan-club only concerts. (either they send you the ticket for free, or you buy the ticket. depends on the concert)"

Read more:
official HP:

snart är de REITAS födelsedag!!!! :D

om typ 4/5 timmar, fast de är redan den 27 i Japan:P haha


klicka för större bilder
(från deras senaste photoshoot)

the GazettE - New look:D

Uruha och Aoi
Kai (suddig bild-.-)

the GazettE : Starbucks New Coffee CM

venne om den e fake eller inte, men den e nice:P
Jag dricker inte kaffe men hehehe för Ruki så skulle jag de:P

GazE boys go drinking with SCREW

Heh... orkar inte översätta:D

Source MusicJapan+:
Let's have a look into the manager's blog again!!

The other day, it seems, Uruha and Aoi have been going out with the members of SCREW for a drink.

「Really!! This was the first time to go drinking with SCREW!! So how many bottles of hot sake have been opened? How much beer has been drunk?? I totally don't remember] manager Sakai writes.

However, uncaring toward the intense talk of the band members, the shop owner eventually had turned of the heating inside the bar!
Around this time, without heating, it's really getting cold quickly. Going out for a drink and then catching a cold is really something unneeded. (laughs)

Eitherway, this event has still broadened the exchange of communication among the artists of this same agency.
It is certainly important to talk about this site of the business amongst each other!

Reita...the man of the world?! WHAT XD

Orkar inte översätta :P
Source Music Japan+
Sakai san known from the GazettE manager blog.
He checked member's blog since it was Ruki's birthday on February 1st.

And! Surprisingly, Reita posted "Happy birtyday" blog at 0:00 1st!!
Sakai san doubt "Reita kun must have sat the timer!!" instead of be impressed from their love.

Sakai "Hello, I have a question."
Reita "Sure, I am Reita of the world."
Sakai "I have a question, you are posting hapibi blog(= Happy Birthday Blog) again at 0:00."
Reita "Weird, but Coincidence. "
Sakai "Weird, it says that you are setting timer on the front page of Sakasupo (=Parody of Sunspo, Sunkei Sport News paper)!!"
Reita "I'm not setting the timer!! I am Reita!! I am the most punctual man in the world!! That's all."
Sakai "Both blog and mail are 0:00 is weird! Are there two Reita?"
Reita "I am only one!! I want you to teach me if there's timer! F**K!!"
Sakai "I am sorry. You are the coolest man in the world!!"

...Sakai san says "I'm exaggerateing. A little!" What is the truth!?

Do you think there's two Reita exists? (laugh)
Or is he using mobile and PC at the same time with 2 hands!?

Only Reita knows why.

Zy interview with JaME

Orkar inte översätta :P
Source JaME:

the GazettE released the album DIM in July, and embarked on “the GazettE TOUR 09-DIMSCENE-” after that, showing off their overwhelming power in many parts of the country. They even held their tour final in Saitama Super Arena in September, and released their new single BEFORE I DECAY in the beginning of October. We asked them to talk about what they saw in BEFORE I DECAY looking back at their album release and their tour, their one-man live in Tokyo Big Site on December 24th, and their future activities.

Read the mini Zy interview here @ JAME

Omedetou Ruki-sama :3 <3


Omedeto Aoi!

Wohoo!! Aoi i The GazettE fyller 30 eller 31... hehe
kommer inte ihåg xD Men men... Grattis:D


Go Kai's cooking:D
XD Miyavi rules xD★

Ruki designs for ABNORMAL [EYE]DENTITY

Om du inte förstår så översätt med google translate i menyn till höger *pekar*

News from

Looks like Ruki is collaborating with ABNORMAL [EYE]DENTITY in creating 5 types of glasses with prices ranging from 22,050 – 27,300 yen (which can be about $240.00 to $300.00 USD). The first pair of glasses have already started to receive orders (they started on December 8th) and are now sold out! To reserve your pair check out the site here:

Ruki goes on to describe that Model 1-2 are simple and classic. A sense of fun with a classic cross motif. Model 3-4 are made to have large frames and lens. Model 5 is a classic model with turtle shell.

If you go to the BENT Mobile site with your phone you can see video,
behind the scene and comments with Ruki. Seems like he really had fun with this project!
Would you pay that amount for glasses designed by Ruki?

Min favorit e slutsåld... :'(