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【Information】HERESY 03-5300-3158(Mo-Fr 12:00-18:00 (Japanese Standard Time))

【Official Fan Club「HERESY」Membership Information】

People wishing to join the GazettE Official Fan Club, please send a return-envelope including an 80Yen stamp with you real name and address to the following address:


〒168-0064 Tokyo, Suginami-ku,
Eifuku 3-49-11, Maison du Solei 101
PSCOMPANY [HERESY Membership Application]

You will receive an application form to fill out and return.
(Please note that overseas application is possible, yet delivery times may vary.)

Registration fee?

9200 yen which is approximately £63 now in the exchange rate [US $ 101]
This is an annual fee, which means you have to pay every year. Pretty expensive I suppose for us poor folk.

What do you get?
Dude at facebook:
"You get a fan-club only magazines, fan-club only merchandise (wallet, digiphotos, etc), YOU CAN ACCESS RUKI'S AND OTHER MEMBERS BLOG (yes, their blogs is locked for fan-club member only), and if you're staying in japan, you'll get VIP access to the gazette's fan-club only concerts. (either they send you the ticket for free, or you buy the ticket. depends on the concert)"

Read more:
official HP:

Postat av: KAWAiiKAi ~

JAG LEVER! :D all info finns på bloggen!

tack även för ditt stöd! <3

2010-09-26 @ 19:58:20
Postat av: Momoko Love ♥ / ~ 小玉

alltså jag vill typ anmäla mig till den där fan klubben ;_; <3

sv: haha men alltså dom är typ lite konstiga för en gång skulle jag noppa dom men jag vågade inte för det gjorde jätteont så jag typ tog en sax och klippte lite här och där... :(

2010-10-13 @ 20:33:47

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